The GRBL & GRBL2 home page

  • GRBL is a set of aging GAUSS programs that implement models often used in environmental valuation (GRBL will not run under Windows 2000 or Windows XP).
  • GRBL2 is the newer version GRBL2 -- (GRBL2 will run under Windows 2000 or Windows XP).
  • They were created mostly by Daniel Hellerstein (202 694-5613).

    They can be used freely, but please do cite!

    Obtaining and using GRBL
    Requirements GRBL was designed to work with GAUSS 3.2. For those who do not own GAUSS 3.2, a "run-time" module is included.

    Unfortunately, due to the infinite wisdom of Micro$oft, GAUSS 3.2 can NOT run under Win 2000 or Win XP (problems with support for DPMI memory).

    Thus, to use the run-time module (or GAUSS 3.2), you will need something before WIN 2000 (i.e.; DOS, WIN 95, WIN 98, or WIN ME).

    GRBL2 -- the latest version We now have a middle-beta version of GRBL2, which runs under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. GRBL2 supports a variety of discrete choice models, dichotomous choice models, and CVM estimators. Barring unforseen circumstances, more (much more)models will be supported in the near future.

    This document last modified at 9:21a, on 5 Jun 2006.