The GRBL2 home page

GRBL2 is a set of GAUSS programs that implement models often used in environmental valuation.

They were created mostly by Daniel Hellerstein (202 694-5613), and Joseph Cooper.

They can be used freely, but please do cite!

Obtaining and using GRBL2
Requirements GRBL2 is written in GAUSS, for versions 5.0 (and above). If you don't have GAUSS 5.0, you can use the free GAUSS run time module to run the compiled versions of the GRBL2 programs (that are included in the GRBL2 package).
Earlier verison

GRBL2, as a GAUSS 5.0 program, is designed to work under later version of Windows (2000 and XP).
An earlier version, GRBL, can be used under earlier versions of GAUSS; versions that run under DOS and OS/2 (for those arcane folks out there).

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