Quick Installation Instructions for GRBL2

If you don't feel like reading the installation instructions, this ought to work...

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Create a D:\GRBL2 directory (if one exists, remove all its contents)
  2. Download the latest GRBL2_xxx.zip (grbl2_10oct2006.zip) to this D:\GRBL2 directory
  3. Download the UNZIP.EXE program, and save it to the D:\GRBL2 directory
  4. From a Command Prompt, CD (change directory) to D:\GRBL2
  5. Type, at the command prompt,

        D:\GRBL2>unzip grbl2_10oct2006

    A number of files will be unzipped, and several subdirectories will be created.
    In particular, D:\GRBL2\GSRUN50 will be created

  6. Download GSRUN5.ZIP and save it to D:\GRBL2\GSRUN50
  7. Go back to your command prompt, and CD to D:\GRBL2\GSRUN50
  8. Type, at the command prompt,

        D:\GRBL2\GSRUN50>unzip gsrun5
You are now ready to run. At any time (right after installing, or whenever ...
  1. From a Command Prompt, CD to D:\GRBL2
  2. Type, at the command prompt,


  3. The GRBL2 program will be run. GRBL2 contains a menu that allows you to chose from the set of GRBL2 programs.
    For example, the DOUBLE bounded logit and MIXED logit estimators are part of the DISCRETE program).
    Alternatively, you can skip a step and run the DISCRETE program by entering, at the COMMAND prompt,

        D:\GRBL2>gsrun50\gsrun5> discrete.gcg

    Note: you probably should read the DISCRETE manual first (it will be in D:\GRBL2\DISCRETE.TXT)

13 Nov 2006, Daniel Hellerstein